Fundraiser Manager, Australian Marriage Equality Campaign

As same sex couples around Australia begin to realise their dream of saying ‘I do’, a woman who was instrumental in making it happen is now out of a job and couldn’t be happier. Elaine Czulkowski always had a desire to succeed in life she just didn’t know in what field it would be. Her passion for tipping the scales…

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Cook, Author, TV host, Philanthropist

Creating fabulous food is undoubtedly Maggie Beer’s calling, but it took until she was 34 before she answered it. The growth and success of her business is built on instinct and a good stock of amazing women. Now, at a fighting fit 72 years young, her focus is on improving the lives of aging Australians through food – and she’s…

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Teacher, Comedian, Broadcaster, CEO

She is the new Queen of ‘Shebah’- Australia’s alternative to Uber and it’s exclusively for women and children. Georgina McEncroe has officially been in business just two months but already almost a thousand women are downloading the app each day. A single mum with four kids 'George' is a teacher, cum comedian and broadcaster. She is excited (if not a…

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