Whenever you share a laugh, tears or even just a chat over coffee or a drink, the lipstick marks we leave are tangible evidence of what’s behind every woman: the support of another. Thoughtful gestures, kind words and encouragement at just the right time are little things that make a lasting impact. They are an intricate thread in all our stories. Indelible Marks – informal catch-ups that Congregate, Elevate and Celebrate the ‘Sistergood’.Welcome to you.

‘Nothing comes from nothing’

Fraulein Maria was absolutely right! Get to know some women doing interesting things in different parts of the globe and discover the indelible marks that influenced and inspired their paths. Enjoy!

Fundraiser Manager for Marriage Equality

Fundraiser Manager for Marriage Equality

As same sex couples around Australia begin to realise their dream of saying ‘I do’, a woman who was instrumental in making it happen is now out of a job and couldn’t be happier.
Elaine Czulkowski always had a desire to succeed in life she just didn’t know in what field it would be. Her passion for tipping the scales of inequality period is spurred on by a belief that if you do good things, good things will happen. And she has more to do before fulfilling her own dream of retiring in Spain.

Marriage equality is now a reality. Did the Yes Vote unfold like you expected?

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Cook, Author, TV host, Philanthropist

Cook, Author, TV host, Philanthropist

Creating fabulous food is undoubtedly Maggie Beer’s calling, but it took until she was 34 before she answered it.  The growth and success of her business is built on instinct and a good stock of amazing women. Now, at a fighting fit 72 years young, her focus is on...

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Teacher, Comedian, Broadcaster, CEO

Teacher, Comedian, Broadcaster, CEO

Behind ….. Georgina McEncroe Teacher, Comedian, Broadcaster, CEO   She is the new Queen of ‘Shebah’- Australia’s alternative to Uber and it’s exclusively for women and children. George McEncroe has officially been in business just two months but already almost a...

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Salutations. I’m Kellie Curtain, a mother of four with a degree in nothing (though I feel like I have a Masters in Procrastination..). I was an expat in Abu Dhabi for six  years in a semi-fulfilling role as a ‘trailing spouse’ and in 2017 returned to my home town, Melbourne, Australia.
I love good coffee, red wine, family and my village of women both in the East and the West.
Before my life as an expat I was an Australian news reporter. Since repatriating I have worked as a Media and Communications Consultant in the not for profit sector. Currently I produce and host the UpFront Podcast for Breast Cancer Network Australia and am on the board for Motherless Daughters Australia.

This is a project is still in its infancy as I always manage to get distracted by something. I’m not very savvy on the mechanics of website workings but I’m trying. Anyway I am going to put on my bright lipstick and slowly but surely tell one wonderful story at a time because women the world over are amazing.

I’d love you to join me and promise not to clog your inbox.
What I hope to offer is a few minutes just for you, to enjoy reading snapshots of women with perfectly imperfect lives doing what women do best: Everything that needs doing!

Join the ‘Sistergood’

Media and Communications Consultant

Every one has a story to tell, it’s the story telling that sets them apart. And every story has an audience, my experience is in finding the right medium and platform to reach them.


    Public Speaking

    Guest speaker, panel facilitator If you’re seeking a guest speaker, panel facilitator or emcee for your next event please send me an email. 


    Celebrating the ‘Sistergood’ in your hood

    What is Lips n Sips?

    It’s bright lipstick, liquid and lunch

    The first Lips n Sips was held almost seven years ago in my home town of Melbourne, Australia a short time after I lost my mum to breast cancer. In the final few weeks of mum’s life the women in my neighbourhood kept the realities of daily family life ticking along. My school run was taken care of, food was left on the doorstep, my floors were mopped, washing was done. Even one of my daughters was checked for nits! That’s friendship, that’s the village. I felt an overwhelming need to gather the women of my hood to say thank you. Click the cup to read more.


    It’s said that  ‘There’s a book inside all of us’. Well, mine is out! 

    It’s not the book I thought I’d write. Who dreams of writing a book about dying? In fact I never had a desire to author anything given that I struggled to finish a school assignment. That’s why I loved news reporting, a daily deadline and enough words to fill a 90 second story. But in a corny cliché the book snuck up on me after moving to the Middle East and I started writing down thoughts that wouldn’t go away.

    You won’t find me tweeting but I am on Email, Facebook and Instagram. I love using my daughters’ snap chat app and the filter that makes me look 15 years but you won’t find me on that either..