Lips n Sips

Celebrating the 'Sistergood' in your hood

How it started?

The first Lips n Sips was held ten years ago in my home town of Melbourne, Australia a short time after I lost my mum to breast cancer.  In the final few weeks of mum’s life, the women in my neighbourhood kept the realities of daily family life ticking along. My school run was taken care of; food was left on the doorstep, my floors were mopped, washing was done. Even one of my daughters was checked for nits! That’s friendship, that’s the village.

I felt an overwhelming need to gather the women of my hood to say ‘thank you’. There were some whom in the past I had exchanged little more than a smile, but they too had been a part of the network that had provided incredible support. But that’s what women do – without fuss or fanfare, they keep each other’s worlds turning, especially when it felt like mine would actually stop.

Lip n Sippers: are asked to wear a bright lipstick and gather for a few casual hours of ‘chic chat’. There are no raffles, nothing to buy and nothing to win but a few fabulous hours enjoying a simply pleasure and one another’s company.

After moving to the Middle East, I realized that women’s support of each other, especially in times of need, is truly global. The first ‘Lips n Sips – the desert chics’ was held in 2013.

In both countries ‘Lips n Sips’ remains an intimate and much loved annual event.

I gift each guest an over the top rhinestone lip key ring; it’s a new colour each year. The stones begin to fall out almost immediately which annoyed me until I saw a wonderful irony. After all who isn’t a little flawed? It adds to our unique characters, doesn’t detract from our strength and we can still shine brightly.


Interested in celebrating your hood?

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Beneficiaries of Lips n Sips :

Breast Cancer Network Australia

Motherless Daughters Australia

Palliative Care – Cabrini Health

Bosom Buddies Abu Dhabi

Supporters of Lips n Sips

Chrissie Japp Catering

Revlon Australia

Store6 Melbourne

The Living Room Cafe, Abu Dhabi

Todd English’s Olives, Abu Dhabi


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