Read my Lips

It’s said that  ‘There’s a book inside all of us’.

Well, mine is out! 

Who wants to think or talk about dying?
And if you’re going to live for ever then don’t.

It’s not the book I thought I’d write. Who dreams of writing a book about dying? In fact I never had a desire to author anything given that I struggled to finish a school assignment. That’s why I loved news reporting, a daily deadline and enough words to fill a 90 second story. But in a corny cliché the book snuck up on me after moving to the Middle East and I started writing down thoughts that wouldn’t go away.

Is it a hilarious tale with romance and a feel good finale? No. There is no upside and no happy ending.

Lipstick, Laughter, Letting Go does however have some funny bits, lots of love and somehow finds good in saying goodbye.

Now if you’re thinking ‘No thanks I can’t go there’- then feel free to return when the time is right for you but just maybe you have stumbled across this for a reason?

You can purchase the book here:

There are no big names to endorse it but here is real feedback from real people who have taken a deep breath and turned the page.

“It is deeply moving but not trite and answers questions I didn’t even realise I had about dying. I cried, laughed and it made me assess my own relationships.”

“I love reading books that you just can’t put down and this was one of them!”

“It’s like a two way experience. An extraordinary feeling and I felt healing for my own grief. That’s quite an achievement.”

“It made me want to spend some wine-fuelled evenings with the Curtains”

“This is a love story. I feared that my own experience of loss would make reading about death too painful but actually I found it comforting.”

“I am heading out to buy myself a new Lipstick today.”

“You really had me sucked in from the very beginning and I read it like a speeding train.”

“I never re-read books but I know there will be a time when I will want to re-read this one.”


Who sets out to write a book?

If I’d known the work required to get a manuscript to print I don’t think I’d ever have attempted it. What I know now is that writing is the easy bit. Everything else requires passionate, meticulous word freaks and I was lucky to have found my way to or have had helping hands lead me to these professionals and very generous individuals.

Nadine Davidoff, Karen Greenberg, Julia Silk and Kim Swivel 

For those I lumped with reads, re-reads, title toss-ups and my moments of insecurity, I am beyond grateful.  To attempt to name everyone would almost certainly leave someone out, so like the book, I won’t even try. However, if it hadn’t been for my crazy cousin Katie telling me to ‘just bloody start writing’ then I know I would still be thinking about it. If Mare Mare hadn’t been simply who she is and stepped up to fill the immeasurable void left by my mum I have no idea where I would be.  As for my loud loveable family, even if I weren’t stuck with them, I’d choose them to be mine. Well, maybe not all of them LOL. My sister in laws all deserve medals and Vink you are one in a million ‘sista’  To my four children Kenz, B, Boo and Boy here are your names because I know you’ll be asking if you’re mentioned and no you won’t be on YouTube. And yes MV ‘I love you’ because you told me too. 

Perhaps many friends maybe wondering ‘How come I didn’t know about the book?’ Hand on heart not even MV or family knew I’d written anything until I’d actually finished, probably because I never thought I would.

Anyway, you were an enormous support, just by being my friends.

And god forbid if someone I don’t know is actually still reading this far, then bless you too.

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